941st World Wide Blood Drive to spread the love of Passover, Cairns

On 23th May, World Mission Society Church of God conducted the 941st Worldwide Blood Drive in Cairns. WMSCOG volunteers gathered at the Blood Donor Centre, located in Sheridan Street, to share the love of the Passover.

The Australian Red Cross Blood service team commended the initiative, saying, “Blood donation comes from a beautiful heart. We always need sufficient blood supply for those who are in danger. Today you have helped to save someone’s life. Thank you for your good work.”

Blood is surprisingly versatile, and can be used in 22 different medical treatments. Although every blood donation can help save three lives, only 1 in 30 Australians donate blood. In order to prevent any blood supply shortage, it is essential to practice the small good deed of giving blood.

Sharing the core of love, the Passover, through the Blood Drive

The people of the Church of God participate in this meaningful blood donation with their families, friends and neighbours. They follow the example of Christ Ahnsahnghong, Second-Coming Jesus, who gave his precious blood through the New Covenant Passover.

We, all humankind, never know when to expect danger. The only ones who give us a solution are Christ, our Heavenly Father and Mother. They teach us how to receive life by restoring the Passover. Based on Christ’s love, we are also sharing the core of love, the Passover, through the blood donation.

“A few days after the event, I received a message from the team at the blood donor centre. ‘Your blood has gone on to save lives at hospitals in Queensland today. When I got this message, I felt so overwhelmed. I felt that this is why many people do volunteer work. I want to do more next time. Thanks to Father and Mother for giving me a chance to share the love of God” said, Amy.

I want to contribute in the work of saving lives

“When I did blood donation, a Blood Service team member said, ‘Your blood can save three people.’ It reminded me about the sacrifice of Father and Mother, who give us life through their blood on the Passover. I was so thankful and want to contribute in the work of saving lives, if there is another chance.” said Jenny, a donor.

Sharing the love of Father and Mother through action as a good spiritual Samaritan

This is the first time for the Cairns WMSCOG members to participate in blood donation.

The good Samaritan in Luke 10:30-37 helped the injured man who was going to die by taking care of him with a sincere heart. In the same way, Church of God members will keep sharing the love of Father and Mother through their actions like good spiritual Samaritans.

Jacinta O’Brien, Community Relations officer from the Australian Blood Service, praised their impressive volunteer activities to serve others. She said, “You are doing good work. I am willing to help your future blood donations.” On the 20th of June, Jacinta O’Brien presented a Certificate of Appreciation to WMSCOG at the Cairns Blood Donor centre. She encouraged them, saying, “We hope to continue to work with you during your blood donation next time!!”

Queensland’s Volunteering Award

World Mission Society Church of God was nominated for Queensland’s volunteering award. The Queensland Government presented a certificate to the Church of God, recognising their making a positive difference to the state and community of Queensland through volunteering. The WMSCOG group’s dedicated service will continue in Queensland and prosper in the will of God.


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  1. So beautiful, Cairns Zion ?? May we continue to spread the love of Mother and Father through good deeds!

  2. Yes, I agree. The experience of blood donation made me feel overwhelmed when I noticed the fact that my donation can save 3 lives. So, I’d like to participate in the blood drive whenevery the opportunity is given to me because I believe this can be one of the ways to deliver Mother’s love to comminity that I belong to.

  3. When we do donation by ourselves,we feel proud of it. and
    If someone get saving from donation,he think that it is really thankful. But, Spiritually If we get salvation from God, we have to give give all thanks to the God. Maybe it will be lacked… I want to give all applauds to those who are acting the teaching of God.

  4. Blood Donation of WMSCOG is so famous in the world.
    WMSCOG’ members always effort to practice the love of Heavenly Mother.
    Their good deed is so proud! ☺?

  5. Thank you for sharing the love of God through the blood drive. ??? I hope I can join together next time ?

  6. Now, people want to be loved by someone than other time. Of course, all of them want to love their neighbors. However, it’s not so difficult. Blood donation is one way to show our love for the community. So good and wonderful!

  7. We can understand Elohim God’s sacrifice and love for sinners from heaven, when we do volunteer activity.

  8. Christ sacrificed himself shedding his blood for the love of mankind to give them eternal life. In the same way, people in WMSCOG who have learned the love of God through God the Father and God the Mother knows how to share the love through blood donation to let people know and realize the love of God toward them. Let us shine the glory of God through good deeds ~~

  9. You did all good Job. You did meaningful blood donation for ppl who are needed. WMSCOG must be praised by ppl who know the their endless efforts n love. Great!!

  10. All of you did good job and wonderful!!! Through the blood drive, you give hope to people and share the love of God.

  11. My blood donation started from the Church of God and i think it ‘s wonderful to save other ppl’ lives by sharing my blood ??

  12. We can deliver Mother’s love by cleaning up the community. It’s so great and lovely to share God’s love with practice. 😀

  13. Giving life to people through donating blood is very meaningful thing, and it is not easy to practice this tough worthwhile good deed. The member’s volunteer activity of Church of God is impressed.

  14. You did very gracious and great job
    Not everybody can do this
    Elohim God give you strength and power
    Thanks to Elohim God

  15. A while back, my mom had a big operation, receiving blood transfusions. At that time, I remembered members of the Church of God, thinking of those who donated blood. Your good love makes the world warmer and more beautiful. Thank you very much!

  16. We practice teachings of Elohim God, God the Father and God the Mother all over the world. I am proud to be a child of Elohim God.

  17. Very nice news !! Many terrible accidents happened nowdays. Those made ppl’s mind down. This news makes up, up, up

  18. World Mission Society Church of God delivers God’s love for mankind.
    And Mother’s teaching was the motive of our good deeds like blood donation.
    Thanks to Father and Mother for teaching us how to share Your love with someone around us as a good Samaritan. we ❤️U!! : )

  19. This article touched my heart!
    I thank them for their good behavior.
    truly They are the light and the Salt for this world as good Samaritan.

  20. I didn’t know that blood can be used in 22 different medical treatment.
    I will consider joining blood drive when I’m in good health.

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