Blood Drive, World Mission Society Church of God, Sydney

On April 12, 2017, the World Mission Society Church of God gathered at the Sydney Town Hall Blood Donor Centre. More than 30 members with the hopes of sharing the love of God Elohim, conducted a blood drive to donate precious blood and save lives.

Christ promises eternal life to all mankind through the Passover. And because of that He shed His precious blood on the cross to seal the New Covenant. Since eternal life is given through the painful sacrifice of Christ, members put special meaning into the blood drives. Thus, the Church of God throughout the world holds blood drives every year leading up to their annual feast of the New Covenant Passover. Therefore, donating blood to save lives becomes the act of putting into practise the New Covenant.

Members’ Cheering And Bright Smiles Bring Warm Atmosphere to Blood Drive

A first-time donor, Veronica Leitupo, expressed her gratitude to give blood saying, “Thank You Father and Mother for allowing me to participate in blood donation today. Also, thank You for giving Your precious blood for us to have eternal life.”

Jency Ju, also a volunteer, donated plasma for the first time. She said, “I’ve learnt today that many people need plasma or blood platelet transfusions every few weeks to survive. Plasma can be used to make medicine for saving many people as well. Today I give thanks to God for making us realise the importance of giving blood, both physically and spiritually.”

Additionally, David Rossetto, Community Relations Office at the Donor Centre expressed his gratitude to the members. He said, “We are always looking for more people to donate their blood. Today fifteen people from your group donated blood to save many people’s lives. We really appreciate your great efforts.”

The World Mission Society Church of God members look forward to even more volunteer work in the future. It is not only at this blood drive but at every opportunity, that they wish to share the love of God the Mother throughout Sydney and all of Australia.

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  1. Sharing love of God the Mother through the blood-drive!! Very touching that all the volunteers look very happy with bright smiles in the above pictures. Following Mother’s teachings, all members of WMSCOG are always willing to participate in voluntary services.

  2. One person can save three lives by donating blood, a beautiful way to reveal the importance of the Passover that saves souls giving Eternal Life.
    Great Job….?

  3. All thanks to Father n Mother..
    Beautiful unity and joy filled with Mother’s Love spread thru-out the whole world. Thanks to Elohim God
    Good job ? everyone

  4. How wonderful!
    I am proud to be a member of WMSCOG!
    Let’s spread the light of Heavenly Mother’s glory to the whole world!

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