Carrum Beach Cleanup for the Passover at Carrum Beach, VIC

Carrum Beach Cleanup for the Passover

Around 80 volunteers from World Mission Society Church of God united together for the Carrum Beach cleanup on March 12, 2017. The event started with the dedicated group gathering at 11 am. The weather was stormy and windy, but it did not stop their passion. As soon as the teams gathered in groups to clean the beach, the sky cleared up and bright sunlight warmed up the beach.

The volunteers were grateful and cheerful throughout the event because they love to follow Heavenly Mother’s teachings. Very soon after the event began, a passer-by, Ross witnessed the cleanup. He expressed his joy by saying, “I’m very encouraged by the sight of the Church of God volunteers. They are cleaning the foreshore with enthusiasm. Obviously, after hot days there is a lot of mess hanging around the beaches. It’s just great to see that it is being cleaned up by you guys. Very good job!”

Accordingly, the volunteers gathered rubbish weighing around 250kg, filling 40 garbage bags. It included plastic, cans, cigarette butts, paper, and beer bottles. Also, pieces of wood, trolley, small bike, car tyres, tools, and concrete posts.

Kingston City Council welcomes future cleanups

David Eden, Mayor of Kingston City Council, along with Councillor Georgina Oxley, came to have a look around and to thank volunteers. As the event was coming to an end, he presented the Church of God with a Certificate of Appreciation.

After seeing the amount of rubbish collected, David gave a sincere speech to encourage the group. He said “It’s just amazing when you look at all the rubbish that has been collected. I think tens of thousands of people come through here each year. They have barbeques and picnics. It is unfortunate that their rubbish doesn’t get taken with them. Thank you for coming to make our environment a cleaner one. This cleanup really goes a long way in helping the wildlife and helping the people to enjoy the space in a safe and clean environment. It’s amazing how few groups can actually work well together to bring members along to activities like cleaning the beach. So, I really appreciate the work that you do!”

Councillor Georgina Oxley said, “Thank you for coming down today, the City of Kingston is so grateful for having you all down here and I’m very lucky to personally call you all my friends.”

In addition, to this cleanup, the Church of God’s next projected cleanup will be at Mordialloc beach in the upcoming weeks to glorify God and conserve the environment.

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  1. World Mission Society Church of God carries out various voluntary service. Members of WMSCOG makes a better world.

  2. Right!! the WMSCOG foes the variety voluntary service for our neighbors so that we would proclaim the love of God the Father n God the Mother~
    We will keep going all people of nations take part in 2gether.

  3. It looks so beautiful that they love to follow Heavenly Mother’s teachings as God’s children. I also love to follow Heavenly Mother’s teachings. I hope that many people in the world will follow to Heavenly Mother’s teachings who gives us abundant blessings with endless love.

  4. As the members of WMSCOG in oceania preach the glory of God, i will more diligent preach the God’s glory and love by acting good.

  5. Cleanup events for the Passover have been held by WMSCOG members in various places through the whole world. I have participated in one of those as a member. Thankful to Elohim God for allowing us beautiful teachings for life.

  6. They’ve collected 250kg of rubbish in few hours!!! Wow!!
    That’s so amazing! The World Mission Society Church of God Oceania truly put God’s love into practise – saving the world through their action! Great Job!!!

  7. Amazing work! Children of Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Mother are truly playing the role of the salt and the light of the world with warm hearts.

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