Tree Planting Voluntary work with ASEZ in Ropes Crossing, NSW

On National Tree Day, Sunday 30th July, World Mission Society Church of God held a tree planting campaign. More than 80 members from the World Mission Society Church of God gathered. Included among them were six international volunteers of ASEZ (Save the Earth A to Z). They are the Church of God University Student Volunteers who came from South Korea.

The event was held at Southern Drainage Reserve in Ropes Crossing. This reserve has been a long existing passage for wildlife, such as kangaroos, that frequently pass through the area. That is why continuous maintenance and planting of trees is vital for local species of animals to survive.

Digging, planting, and watering, in unity

After seeing a demonstration by a Blacktown Council officer, team of 3 or 4 members united for digging, planting, and watering. Children, too, were eager to help their moms and dads by bringing water buckets and seedlings. Through the united efforts of the members, the big empty space was soon covered with new plants. In only 3 hours, members achieved a great result. They, along with other volunteer groups, planted almost 2000 seedlings.

Yorel, who participated in the event, said “Many of us have not experienced this kind of activity before. But I’d say that our work was rather joyful and cheerful because all the members helped each other. Without unity, it would have taken much longer to plant 2000 seedlings.”

ASEZ team members gave thanks to God Elohim for them a precious opportunity to participate in tree planting in Sydney. They said, “The trees we planted today will grow to provide numerous benefits for our environment.”

Bringing God the Mother’s love through nature

Blacktown Council praised the Church of God who believed in Christ Ahnsahnghong and Heavenly Jerusalem Mother. They recognised their continuous efforts in the local area, by supporting the volunteers with tools, seedlings, and a water barrel.

Bushcare Officer of Blacktown Council, Katrina Brown, was deeply moved by members’ hard work. She said, “I’ve visited the Church of God before and I felt amazing love of Mother from church members. Today you brought that love into nature. You did an excellent job of helping our environment, both for now and for many years to come. I sincerely thank all of you!”

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  1. The roll of university student about volunteering is very important. most students don’t do. However, university students of Church of God move for the world acording to the will of God the Moter!

  2. The WMSCOG’s ASEZ members have a tree plating activity for saving the earth. Members are doing good deed according to the love of Heavenly Mother .

  3. The volunteer activities carried by the ASEZ are show love and consideration for the community. They are really salt and the light of the world:)

    • That’s right!
      I agree with you.
      I will alsotry to practice Mother’s love to this world like them. ?

    • Yes~ I agree with you.
      I also will try to practice Heavenly Mother’s love to this world like them. Animo~^^

  4. You did a very great job!
    You take care of nature for future.
    Your efforts and activities deserve to be praised.
    May God bless you all.

  5. When young adults join force together for something , It can be done even faster and more efficiently bc they have good energy and good spirit.

  6. Nowadays, it is common to see young people become so selfish looking after themselves only. However, those youths sincerely practicing God’s teaching are just wonderful. They are showing what God wants us to do-” Love your neighbors”.

  7. ASEZ, Save the Earth from A to Z, is so amazing that ASEZ members are doing good deed and sharing the love of God the Mother.

  8. No mather where they are , the members from the church of God continously practice the love of God– so beautiful!!:)

  9. Wow~ members of WMSCOG and ASEZ planted trees in sydney.
    How far will their voluntary services be able to reach?
    I will support ASEZ in their various activities of all parts of the world!

  10. It’s wonderful and beautiful work. The members of WMSCOG in Australia and the university students of ASEZ from Korea united to plant trees to maintain beautiful environment of Sydney. Give you a big applause than sincere thanks to you all. 😀

  11. Whenever I read an article about volunteer work conducted by the Church of God, I feel that they do the best.
    Even a little child did it with a smile! I think it’s really great.

  12. From baby to adults all church members are beautiful~!
    And their smile is so bright who do good deeds.

  13. Changing this world begins from the hope for it. WMSCOG voluntary work has very strong hope for changing this cold world into the world full of love of God the Mother.

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