Tree Planting Campaign, Westmeadows Melbourne, VIC

Tree Planting Campaign, Westmeadows Melbourne with Kelvin Thomson(middle of the picture), president of Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek

Trees Are the Hope of Life – WMSCOG in Westmeadows Melbourne

14.08.2016, Westmeadows Melbourne.

There is a rising interest in promoting tree planting and caring for native trees and plants. The World Mission Society Church of God is actively carrying out worldwide Tree Planting Campaigns to support local biodiversity of urban areas. And the movement is being carried out with one mind under the goal to conserve beautiful nature.

On August 8, 2016, the members from the Church of God held a tree planting campaign in celebration of winning The Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award. Trees are the hope of life and produce many benefits for mankind. Without trees we would not have oxygen to survive. The campaign was carried out in Westmeadows Melbourne and the 71 volunteers planted 340 trees, and removed 1500 tree guards from a earlier planting.

Great Work with Happy Smile

For three hours, the volunteers actively participated in the campaign starting at 1 pm, carrying and planting the seedlings, and also removing tree guards from trees planted two years ago. Finally, the volunteers worked in unity and achieved a great result.

A member named Cindy said, “I really enjoy these tree planting events! It makes me feel like I have done something good for the environment.”

A member named Hilda said “I was so shocked how quickly we completed the work today as a team. I’m so happy we were able to plant so many seedlings, I can’t wait to come back in the future to see how they are growing.”

What an Amazing Group!

Melissa Doherty from ‘Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek‘, Hume City Council said “This is the first time I have worked with the World Mission Society Church of God. Had I known that so many volunteers were going to come I would have prepared more seedlings. What an amazing group!”

Kelvin Thomson, president of ‘Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek’, expressed his gratitude remarking “The work that you are doing is just fantastic! I and the ‘Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek’ really appreciate it. Thanks for coming today and congratulations on your Award, well done!”
The Church of God in Melbourne plans to continually carry out tree planting activities every year with ‘Friends of Moonee Ponds Creek’. They aim to attract native birds to the local area by enhancing the natural vegetation.

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  1. Tree planting was so fun I can’t wait to do it again. Church of God members warm the whole with their beautiful smiles.

    • Did u participate to this meaningful movement? I also want to. Actually I am a plant killer. Nevertheless…. Can I join you guys? 😉

  2. Such beautiful love and warm fragrance emitted by the members of the Church of God joyfully shining the light of Elohim God, and putting into practise the teachings of God the Mother, not only with words but also with action.
    Thanks to Father and Mother…

  3. Tree planting always give me hope for a better future! We sowed the seeds, God makes them grow. How meaningful and thankful the event is! I love tree planting. How about you??

    • I agree with you Jim. It was very encouraging to know that our small efforts could build homes for so many birds and therefore improve our environment. Thanks to father and mother for allowing us to be good samariatians:)

    • I’d love to participate in tree planting next time. I agree with your opinion that this event is very meaningful.

  4. It is good to see organisation which does tree planting campaign because I have experienced same work in U.K! so I know how hard work it is. Well done, all of you~

  5. I heard this cleanup campaign is projected under the teaching of God the Mother. I heartly thank you for your instruction.

  6. Tree planting is so much fun! The more people come the more trees we can plant. I cant wait till the next tree planting event.

  7. What a amazing group!! Because they are with God. All teaching come from God the Mother. God the Mother exist and she is love. I give thanks to Her.

  8. They seem to enjoy the activity.
    I am happy to see this article.
    I hope glory of God shall be revealed through this activity!

  9. These kinds of activities make soceity to better place. The members of the church of God have tried to participate these activities. They shine the glory of Elohim God 🙂

  10. The World Mission Society Church of God is actively carrying out various volunteer service. Tree planting is kind of such valuable work. It rolls light and salt of the world. God bless you!!

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