People who embrace the world with a warm heart through voluntary service, NSW

There is a group who carry out voluntary services continually, with faith that small campaigns can change the world. They are the members of the World Mission Society Church of God. Amid individualism and selfishness, they conduct constant and devotional voluntary services in their local areas and the world.

Prince Street Cleanup in Blacktown, Sydney

On 28th December 2016, 120 volunteers put their efforts into cleaning the Prince streets near Blacktown Station, Sydney. It was the Church of God’s 3397th Worldwide Environmental Cleanup Campaign.

“As 2016 draws to a close, we have organised the clean-up day to facilitate a more sustainable environment for our neighbours” said Norma Williams. “When the environment is polluted and unhygienic, it could affect people’s health and quality of life. God the Father and God the Mother make selfless efforts for the happiness of mankind. We, therefore, put our efforts together for a happier and cleaner environment for our family and neighbours.”

Blacktown Council supported the event by providing gloves and bags as well as disposing of the waste collected. Blacktown Station is a busy area where many people pass by. Volunteers, including workers from all age groups, university students and families with children, gathered at 11am. They cleaned up rubbish filling 30 bags of 50L in just two hours.

Volunteers encouraged to join future events

Despite the high temperature reaching 40°C on the day, the participants looked joyful and happy throughout the cleanup. Mr Mark Darko Addision, who joined the event during his holiday, said “I would like to help our local community, glorifying Elohim God who sacrifice for us.” A high school student Latisha Yeboah wore a big smile, saying, “This event encourages me to participate in more volunteer services in the future.”

Every year, the Church of God takes the initiative in contributing to the local communities in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth. Volunteer work performed by the members include environmental services such as cleanups, tree planting, graffiti removal, as well as disaster relief. They also held blood drives, charitable donations to children’s hospitals, and visiting aged care facilities etc.

Besides Cleanup in Sydney, around 50 Church of God volunteers in Brisbane participated in a cleanup at Inala Ave in December 2016. Similarly, around 30 Melbourne members shared warm love with senior citizens in an aged care facility through a concert.

Volunteer efforts attract worldwide attention

These service efforts with God the Mother’s heart attracted the world’s attention. Accordingly, Church of God have received over 2000 awards worldwide. Also, they won five times the U.S. President’s Volunteer Service Gold Award. Furthermore, their volunteer services were highly recognised in 2016 through the Queen Elizabeth II’s Golden Jubilee Award for voluntary service.

On 13th December, Church of God General Pastor Kim Joo-Cheol attended the United Nations Central Emergency Relief Fund conference. At the high-level CERF conference, he gave a speech. “The Church of God believes in God the Father and God the Mother, and keeps the New Covenant established by Jesus Christ. So far we have performed various activities such as environmental services, food aid, and disaster relief. These humanitarian activities come from the heart of God the Mother.” He said.

Most importantly, the Church of God will continue to work as the Good Samaritan in 2017. They hope to deliver hope and happiness to their seven billion global family members with the love of Mother.

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  1. It’s a wonderful activities that WMSCOG members continually carry out voluntary services to follow the teachings of Mother

  2. The activities of members of WMSCOG always encourage to the people and change to the better world. They look so happy to carry out the voluntary services and I feel they are with God. I hope they continually share the love of God to the world.

  3. This kind of voluntary service need to be spread the whole world and we need to follow the example o the WMSCOG.

  4. We, WMSCOG fallow path of Heavenly Father and Mother with a smile and loving heart.
    Our these valantary services are
    practice of God’s teaching “Be the Light and salt of the world.
    How beautiful activities are! 😀

  5. From child to old people, alll members of WMSCOG participate in volunteer activities with good heart and beautiful smile. It is God the Mother’s will for the world who need love and help.

  6. Thank you for your continual voluntary works in spite of hot weather. Your efforts will be rewarded not only on this earth but also in heaven. Very touching!! 😀

  7. The whole world became more warm not only the world but their mind. If we have the heavenly mother’s mind, we can share the happiness through voluntary-service.

  8. We follow God the Mother’s teachings. Because those are true love and the water of life.
    I am the luckiest person in the world to recognize Heavenly Mother in the Bible.♥

  9. It is true that these humanitarian activities come from the heart of God the Mother . All nations concentrate church of God for its warm activities.

  10. It is true that these humanitarian activities come from the heart of God the Mother . All nations concentrate church of God for its warm activities.

  11. This is indeed an example worth following, since it is performed with a heart of Mother ~
    Thank you for the gift of giving.

  12. You guys did really good job for making a cleaner environment for everyone! ? even under such weather, Mother’s love is being delivered ?

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    college scholarships for mothers can help you. And then, there is
    the sacrifice of God’s son for thyat people onn the Roman cross, the greatest expressioon of God’s love beyond any and
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