Aged Care Concert Brings Joy to Senior Citizens, VIC

We Adore You, Senior Citizens!

On 18th Dec, 2016, the World Mission Society Church of God held a concert at Waverley Valley Aged Care Centre in Glen Waverley. The concert was full of variety including an orchestral performance, children’s dance, Samoan dance, comic dance and vocal items. Furthermore, a warm message “We adore you senior citizens” displayed on a banner brought forth a cheerful atmosphere.

The Church of God visits many aged care centres throughout Melbourne to entertain senior citizens and deliver Mother’s love. It was a good opportunity for the residents of Waverley Valley Aged Care Centre to fill their day with joy and love through the one hour performance. The residents held cute love heart balloons and moved rhythmically with the songs. Enjoying the variety of performances, they clapped their hands, joyful smiles on their faces.

Heartfelt performance praised by many

Anna Mather, the Lifestyle Coordinator, said, “We’ve never had anything like this before. A whole lot of variety and most important is that it was heartfelt. It wasn’t just a performance that people do; it’s something that the church members wanted to do, and this comes from the heart. You can really feel it!”

The residents agreed and said, “The concert was amazing, marvellous! The kids’ dance was very cute.”

Sam, one of aged care workers, said, “Thank you so much for coming and putting on such a nice performance. I wish you would come next year. Old people really miss their community and society so your coming here is very appreciated. Thank you so much.”

At the end of the performance, volunteers from the Church of God interacted with the residents. They comforted them with warm words and gentle smiles resembling those of Heavenly Mother’s.

“All senior residents gain new strength to cope with whatever may happen in their life” , Cindy

Cindy, a violist from the Church of God, said “I could not much spend time with my parents since they are living overseas. Most of the senior citizens are precious parents of someone’s. I want them to know that they are still part of our society. I want them to feel that we love them, that Mother loves them. Also, through the event, I wish that all senior residents gain new strength to cope with whatever may happen in their life. Seeing them smiling and singing along, all the hours of preparation are worth while.”

The Waverley Aged Care Centre wants to build a good relationship with the Church of God and looks forward to regular concerts for its senior citizens. The Aged Care Centre presented the Church of God with a Certificate of Appreciation for holding such a wonderful end of year concert.

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  1. So great! There’s no one who never wants to smile. This kind of activity deserves full applauds. They used their time for this great thing.

  2. So great! what the WMSCOG does. Putting smiles and laughter in someone else’s lives is not an easy thing to do but what is greater is the fact that they do it with all their heart. This kind of act comes from the heart of Mother. Thank You Heavenly Father and Mother for teaching us your good deeds.

  3. I have experience, too. Grandpa and grandma, they really like this performance. Some of them stood up and danced with music! Your work was really fantastic!

  4. The members of World Mission Society church of God share the love of Mother with the people. They look so happy to serve the others. I hope many people feel the love of God the Mother with members of it.

  5. I think that church of God people are vary warmhearted. Their love (resembling mother’s love) also warmed the heats of people around the world!

  6. “We adore you senior citizens” Senior citizens are someone’s fathers and someone’s mothers, all parents in the world deserve all the applause for their sacrifice. Thanks! Church of God!

  7. This one of the deeds of heavenly children who received the Spirit and the Bride. Elohim God’s love is so great which has the power to make us love each other.

  8. I can feel their warm heart through bright smiles of the senior citizens. Sharing love each other is always beautiful!! 😀

  9. Thanks to God Elohim Father and Mother.
    It was very nice fragrance come from this event! ! It was so touched messages from the senior citizens and members of the aged care.

    Thanks to God!
    Everyone good job!

  10. A little love goes a long way. When we deliver our love to our others we can share the love of a mother who cares for her children with all her heart, soul and mind. Let’s bring hope and cheer to those who are in need. Wonderful Job Melbourne Zion!

  11. Through this event I realise there are truly no restrictions to Mother’s love, it can reach and touch every soul, anywhere and everywhere.

  12. It’s very nice to give love and comfort people, especially senior citizens. They must feel your sincere mind and pure love. You did a great job.

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