On February 21, 2017, the Church of God in Sydney received an invitation to the Graffiti Removal Day Award Ceremony as a recipient of ‘The Best New Group Community Award’. About 20 members of Sydney Zion attended the Group Community Award ceremony in NSW Parliament House. The event took place from 5 to 7:30pm.

NSW Attorney General Mark Speakman gave a speech that graffiti is illegal vandalism and the government pays a fortune to remove graffiti every year. He emphasized the importance of the volunteers’ role in the local community and praised all the participants who willingly dedicated their time to serve others.


God the Mother’s love, the best love that anyone can receive

During the ceremony, Pastor Jonah went up to receive ‘The Best New Group Community Award’ on behalf of Church of God. He gave a speech in the presence of the Attorney General, the Minister of the Australian Police, Councillors, guests, and participants. Pastor Jonah proclaimed the existence of God the Father and God the Mother and explained that the motivation behind all volunteer work is God the Mother’s love, which is the best love that anyone can receive.

People listened attentively and congratulated the Church of God with applause. Many important officials of NSW praised us and came to know our belief. The fact that the Church of God received the Queen’s Award together with their other activities amazed the Attorney General. The delighted audience continuously praised the members of the World Mission Society Church of God among the many participants during the Group Community Award Ceremony.

Louise, a member of the Church of God, could not hold back her excitement, saying, “Thanks to Father and Mother! I can hear people standing behind us sharing beautiful fragrances about our church. They also commended our preparing a gift to give to the Attorney General, saying that is so amazing and thoughtful to prepare a gift and that they should also have done the same. After doing the sign of ‘we love you’ to the crowd many people were smiling and were touched.”


Group Community Award was to follow Mother’s teachings

The Church of God conducted the Graffiti removal activity last October 2016 and received the Group Community Award. The Church Cleaned the neighbourhood of its grim graffiti vandalism. And in doing so, showed the community exactly what Mother’s teachings are when put into action.

Jency, a member of the Church of God, expressed her thankfulness saying, “All we did was to follow Mother’s teachings. We truly return all thanks to Father and Mother. With all my heavenly family, I will continue to make every effort to do good. Soon, Heavenly Father and Mother who sacrificed for us endlessly will receive praise and honour from the whole world.”

Ellen, another member, attended the award ceremony. She expressed her emotions saying, “I am so proud of being a member of Church of God. I truly give eternal thanks to Father and Mother. Only by the love and sacrifice of Father and Mother, we sinners were allowed to shine God’s glory.”

Witnessing the ceremony, Joshua expressed his determination saying, “I want to change. I want to be more united so we may display God’s glory even more. I want to share love with our neighbours through more volunteering acts. Surely, the whole of Sydney and the whole world will be moved and come to recognise Heavenly Mother’s love.”

Faithful small deeds and great heavenly rewards

Maxine, a member of the Church, shared her realisations saying, “We met many other organisations at the ceremony. They too had the mind to conserve Sydney through many volunteering works. They have been working quietly and continuously with love for their country. However, our Heavenly Mother has been working quietly without rest for 6,000 years with great love for Her lost children. How great is the sacrifice of Heavenly Mother who deserves all praise!”

Furthermore, Maxine cheered the volunteers “One 15-year-old participant inspired me. She maintains an area in Hurstville by herself – continuously painting over graffiti with duty and pride. Though this effort seems small, she received an acknowledgment from the state leaders during the ceremony. In the same way, brothers and sisters, our little deeds are great in the eyes of Heavenly Father and Mother. We shall be more diligent even in small matters, knowing that great rewards in heaven are waiting for us. With great duty and pride, let’s proclaim to the world the love of Heavenly Father and Mother all the more. Animo!”