The 571st Worldwide Blood Drive @ Perth Donor Centre, WA

Blood Donation at Perth Donor Centre with the World Mission Society Church of God members

WMSCOG members in Perth participated in the Church’s 571st worldwide blood drive campaign at the Perth Donor Centre. The Church of God members believe that the most valuable deed is to share the love of God the Mother. Moreover through this blood drive event they have delivered this love to the residents in Western Australia.

On Apr 10, 2016 the great number of members wanting to donate blood overwhelmed the Perth Donor Centre. The donor centre performed blood checks and the members donated their blood with warm smiles like that of Heavenly Mother. Members who were not eligible to donate blood gave support and cheered those who donated with prayers and gracious words.

Blood used for a Good Purpose and to Save the Lives of Many who are Suffering

A donor from the Church of God said, “I will spare no effort to save someone’s life, whatever it may be, I am ready to do it. Today, I am sure that my blood will be used for a good purpose and save the lives of many who are suffering.”

Church of God members willingly take part in all sorts of volunteer services with zeal. They make constant efforts to spread the love of God both physically and spiritually. Even though donating blood can be rather uncomfortable, the volunteers participated with great joy. Their inspiration came from remembering the great sacrifice of God who shed his blood for the salvation of the world.

The Church believes in God the Father and God the Mother. And also that God gives mankind, the free gift of the water of life in the age of the Holy Spirit. Following God’s teachings and example, and putting them into practice, the members receive great ovations from all around the world.

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  1. They have beautiful mind to help people.
    Just as God the Father and God the Mother have given us spiritual life and endless love, the Church of God members are willing to give love.

  2. Every good deeds deserve to be praised, even related to life. Blood in body is compared to water, the source of life, which carries the oxygen and nutrition to all cells. Doing “Blood Drive” is giving love of Heavenly Mother 😀

  3. Blood donation is one of the most beautiful ways we can help others. By donating blood, church members not only giving blood also giving love to people who need.

  4. Great to see this warm-hearted news!! It’s always so encouraging to hear how WMSCOG members support the community all over the world!!!

  5. The members of WMSCOG are always full of zeal to take part in all kinds of volunteer services! The same all over the world!

  6. The members of the Church of God know the valuable deeds to share the love of God the Father n God the Mother. When we share the love of God,ppl feel the full of love n they also share same love to the others.

  7. Sharing something is not decreasing my own. But I can get happiness and feel worth.
    It is the reason their faces in this pictures are bright! 🙂

  8. Wow!!! All the members of WMSCOG are taking important roles as the salt of the earth and the light of the world. They are practicing God’s word “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven”. So~ touching!! 😀

  9. What is the most important thing to help others.
    The one thing is blood donation.
    WMSCOG carry out the great work for saving life through blood donation. Really amazing!

  10. The members of WMSCOG have beautiful mind that they donate blood to save the lives. God gives us Eternal life through His Own Blood.

  11. They are so blessed~ There is God surely in their mind, so they could spread the love with full of joy. It’s so amazing and wonderful!!

  12. Thanks to Elohim God~^^ I’m proud of you, brothers n sisters of World Mission Society Church of God. I think that it’s not easy to take part in blood donation.

  13. Follow God the Mother’s teachings and example, the member of the Church of God WMSCOG always effort to give good news to the world. Great job.

  14. Great job!! The members of Church of God always help to the people through various volunteer service. That is truly sharing the love of God. God bless you.

  15. I am impressed by your work.
    As you donate your blood, some people can live.
    Like this, When we try to deliver Passover and we can save many people.

  16. I think they know what is a true love. The practice of love needs sacrifice. Donate blood is equal to give life to someone. Wonderful people wonderful behavior!!

  17. Look at their faces! WMSCOG members look so happy to share the love of Heavenly Mother!
    Their acts of kindness warm the hearts of those around them!

  18. “It is more blessed to give love than to receive, as God always gives love.”

    Our beautiful brothers and sisters are there! God bless you po!
    Thanks to our heavenly Father and heavenly Mother!

  19. One donor said, “I will spare no effort to save someone’s life, whatever it may be, I am ready to do it. Today, I am sure that my blood will be used for a good purpose and save the lives of many who are suffering.”
    I was very moved by this comment. I totally want to be a member of Church of God.

  20. Truly, “We love you!” There’s no one who can live alone in happiness. ‘Love’ is doing something for other people from the bottom of your heart.

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