Church of God in Melbourne holds Tree-Planting Campaign with Hume City Council

The World Mission Society Church of God (general pastor Kim Joo Cheol) makes efforts to contribute to the sustainability of Melbourne. More than 60 members from the Church, together with some local residents, planted trees on Sunday August 5, 2018, with the Hume City Council. Melbourne is well known as a city of tradition, culture, education, and tourism.

In various parks, Hume City Council conducts regular tree-planting projects, essential in raising the sustainability of Melbourne. The Church of God and its members have been consistently planting trees with the council, every year since 2014. 

The event began at 10am alongside Malcolm Creek, Craigieburn. All seedlings were carefully planted, following the instructions of the council member. In about two and a half hours, volunteers planted over 3000 seedlings, including wildflowers. On that day, the council provided the volunteers with snacks including fruit, bread, and 200 sausages.

“As I planted the seedlings with my children, it was fun and educational. I like my kids to grow up being close to the natural environment and to love our planet,” said a volunteer.

To make a beautiful place for our children

A church official said, “We have been doing tree-planting projects with Hume City Council for several years. I hope the trees that have been planted today will grow, making a beautiful place for our children in the future.” She added, “We will continue to participate in volunteer activities for the community, with a heart of a mother who thinks and cares for her family.”

The Church of God actively volunteers in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Cairns, and many other cities. The Church initiates environmental cleanups and educational campaigns, and welfare facility visits, to improve people’s lives. In addition, annual blood-drive campaigns are held globally by the church between March and May around the time of the New Covenant Passover.