Elohim Orchestra – Mother’s Love Spread Through Orchestra Performance at Millward, VIC.

Elohim Orchestra – Mother’s Love Spread Through Orchestra Performance at Millward, VIC.02.08.2015 – Elohim Orchestra Performance at Millward Aged Care Residents

Elohim Orchestra members came out to comfort aged care residents at Millward, East Doncaster, on Sunday August 2, 2015. Around 30 members from the World Mission Society Church of God shared the love of Heavenly Mother through a range of performances including Elohim orchestra and vocal solo as well as a series of dances including cultural, comic, and children’s dances.

The Melbourne Elohim Orchestra was established in 2014 comprising of 11 gifted Church of God members who use their talents to glorify God.

Great Orchestra play

After diligent practice, they were ready for their first performance at Millward. From 1.30pm to 2.30pm, the residents received a pleasant surprise when they heard the beautiful melodies of the Melbourne Elohim Orchestra and how united and professionally they played. The orchestra performed several musical pieces including a tango, and church New Songs that deeply express the love and sacrifice of Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother.

The cultural dance with traditional Samoan music and costume conveyed positive energy, comic and children’s dances made the event very entertaining for residents, who thoroughly enjoyed it.

Interview with spectators

Heather, the Lifestyle Coordinator, said, “The residents couldn’t stop talking about the concert, they loved it so much we can’t wait for you to come back.”

An elderly Aged Care resident said “Can you please come again next week”, expressing his sincere joy of the concert.

Mignonnne, a violinist in the Orchestra, said “Our hope is that through this small concert, senior citizens at Millward can feel comfort, peace, and the love of God, so they can have hope for heaven.”

The Melbourne Orchestra will perform again at different aged care centres in different locations to spread God’s love.


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  1. Respect elder is one of the most beautiful virtues can be easily found among the members of the church of God. Give thanks to the teachings of Heavenly Mother.

  2. Elohim Orchestra and the other church members conveyed God’s unconditional warm love to the residents through beautiful and various music, song, and dance performances. You practice the teachings of God to love your neighbors with your sincere hearts. Thank you for your efforts! 😀

  3. It’s so amazing. The members of church of God look so happy whenever they carry out the volunteer service and share the love of God. God bless you!!

  4. WMSCOG is a church that shows the glory of God in good deeds and pursues family harmony and community happiness.

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