Green Army Along the Moonee Ponds Creek, VIC

Trees for a hopeful future – Tree planting at Moonee Ponds Creek

Trees for a hopeful future – Tree planting at Moonee Ponds Creek

26.07.2015 – Tree planting at Moonee Ponds Creek

On National Tree Day, 2700 seedlings were planted on both sides of Trestle Bridge with great attendance by local residents and community groups. The World Mission Society Church of God attended bringing 54 passionate volunteers who planted 430 trees along the Moonee Ponds Creek.3

For three hours the volunteers actively participated in the campaign starting at 1 pm, carrying and planting the seedlings and putting up tree guards. The volunteers worked in unity and achieved a great result.

The tree planting was part of the Melbourne Water community project. A commemorative plaque, recognising the contribution of Allan and the late Dorothy Thomson towards the conservation of the natural environment, was unveiled.

Kelvin Thomson MP gave a speech saying, “When you look back now, you can see the trees in the valley and realise that most of these trees were planted in the last 25 years. You can see just how successful it has been and what a contribution it has made. It’s great to see the local residents come and support this activity.”

Volunteer Chantel said “It’s great to see members of the community coming together to help the environment. If they didn’t volunteer, there wouldn’t have been trees in the park. It’s amazing to know that 25 years ago someone planted these trees and now they have all grown up. I’m happy that the trees I planted today will still be there over 20 years from now.”

Volunteer Jukti said “I love the environment which God created for us. Trees are very important because they provide oxygen to live. That’s why I join these tree planting events.”The Church of God in Melbourne plans to join National Tree Day every year to make a contribution by planting trees around the Moonee Ponds Creek as part of their environmental campaign.

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  1. This made me think what the church’s role it is nowadays. As trees provide oxygen for people to breathe. Churches also have to be like trees spread good news like oxygen to the world to live on spritual lives. I hope WMSCOG can do more like these works for the world. God Bless You All.

  2. Wow it looks like so much fun! Its great to see children learning how to plant trees. Great job! I hope more people get involved.

  3. This day was fantastic not only did we get to plant trees and help the environment, but we got to see an Aboriginal cultrual dance. It’s always nice to see the community coming together like this. Church of God are raidiant with their good deeds.They make the world brighter and more beautiful.

  4. Trees are homes for many inhabitants to live peacefully with delicious foods to eat and comfortable nests to rest.
    Tree planting is to build up such wonderful environment for all families of many kinds of living creatures.
    In the same way, we should give thanks to Heavenly Father and Mother rebuilt Zion, the true nest of love and the only spiritual home for all God’s children to return. preaching the gospel is like tree planting to spread the good seeds to the whole world. Now, many Heavenly family members could quickly come to Zion (WMSCOG) where God’s Holy spirit is dwelling, a peaceful abode to live and endless spiritual food to eat. Truly amazing.

  5. Sometimes we take trees for granted and do not pay much attention to them. But if we think about the world without any tree even for a day, we can know how valuable the trees are. So many forests are destroyed for many purposes, but we also give life to the tree to give life to our environments. Keep up the good work, WMSCOG!

  6. The members of the World Mission Society Church of God even help environmental problems. It’s very good work.

  7. Wow, you did really hard work! You make the world more fresh. Especially, kids in the pictures are sooooo cute! Well done!

  8. Planting trees is a good way to protect the Earth. WMSCOG do many things to portect the environment including planting. Very proud of it.

  9. all the creatures in this world are valuable for their being and lives.
    I believe the tree planting activity keep the earth healthy.
    It’s great work of WMSCOG.

  10. I think that’s good idea and good works to make better place.
    the tree is very important to us for living but sometimes, we forget it.
    so,They did something meaningful.It’s great works!

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