‘I Have Already Come!’ WMSCOG Blood Drive, Melbourne, VIC

Saints donate blood on Australia Day – WMSCOG Blood Drive

26.1.2012 WMSCOG Blood Drive

The blood drive is a valuable action to save lives. The World Mission Society Church of God(WMSCOG), which practices the love of Heavenly Mother, campaigns the Blood Drive with the purpose of helping people who need blood transfusions.

In Melbourne, 60 saints of the Church of God participated in the blood drive on Australia Day (26 Jan 2012) at the Southbank Blood Donation Centre. The event was held in celebration of the 94th anniversary of the sacred birth of Christ Ahnsahnghong, who came to this earth a second time for the salvation of all mankind.

Blood cannot be produced in any other way except through the human body. It is one of the most precious resources that we can donate. Many participants are first time donors who took courage to join the blood drive, after realising the love and sacrifice of Christ. Mignonne Malan expressed her excitement, saying, “I had never participated in blood donation in my whole life. I was nervous at first. But I felt excited because I know it will greatly contribute to saving the precious life of someone.” She added “I am proud of spreading the love of God the Father Ahnsahnghong and God the Mother New Jerusalem!”

According to statistical research, one out of three Australians needs blood transfusion, however, only one out of thirty people gives blood. This campaign is planned to save people dying from failing to get a vital blood transfusion, and to solve the chronic problem of blood supply shortage in Australia.

WMSCOG Blood Drive and media

The blood drive event was broadcasted through various community radio stations in different languages including Chinese, Nepalese, Albanian, English and Tagalog, strengthening the knowledge and awareness of blood drives among communities. Members from the Melbourne Nepalese community participated in the blood drive, and a reporter from the Philippine community also came and donated blood. The event was later reported in the Southbank Local Newspaper.

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  1. A person who donated blood over 500 times in his lifetime has been highly regarded as a hero, and his name has been displayed on the wall of red cross blood donation center. Yes, he deserves such honors because he could save 1500 people’s lives through his self-sacrifices. However, 2000 years ago, our Heavenly Father shed his whole body’s blood on the cross once to give eternal life to all mankind. Surely, He was, and He is the Hero who had appeared second time to give salvation to all mankind again. He is Christ Ahnsahnghong.

    • Furthermore Christ Ahnsahnghong-nim & Heavenly Mother has inspired 2 million members to donate blood.
      Which save 6 million people!!! Amazing!!!
      Great job World Mission Society Church of God Melbourne!

  2. Blood drive is not easy work for me. That is necessary of loving mind for others. And it means sacrifice itself. It reminds me Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross. He bleeded His holy blood for us, sinners freely.

  3. IT’s really amazing to see the members donating their blood. Surely through this activity many people will have the chance to be saved! You’ve done really good job~~~:D

  4. Good job to you all precious heavenly family for all your beautiful efforts and good deeds to glorify our Precious Heavenly Parent’s love to the whole world????? LETS GO TO HEAVEN?????

  5. Fulfilling the Literal term of ‘saving lives’ in a huge way! Selfless acts such as these ‘Love’ is truly apparent!!!
    Awesome job to the WMSCOG members!!!

  6. Saving lives is very important work both physically and spiritually. I appreciate your great work!! Donating blood is sharing love and life!!

  7. Blood donation can save precious lives. How beautiful and heartfelt work it is!! Appreciate your great job!!

  8. What a great job!! The sharing blood is acts of the love. The members of World Mission Society Church of God know way to share love of God to the whole world. I hope you continue roll the light and salt to the world. God bless you.

  9. It’s very great sacrifice that my blood give someone to live. Our church is very wonderful. Thanks to father and mother.

  10. NOW THAT IS WMSCOG!^^~ God bless you all^^~ We love you♡♡♡~ Thank you Heavenly Father and Mother for teaching us your ways to love^^

  11. Thanks to Father and Mother, you not just donating your blood but you also donating your smile and joy to save lives, just as our Heavenly Father and Heavenly Mother hid Their sufferings behind Their smile and joy to save us..”GOOD JOB EVERYONE’!!!

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