Toiletries & Teddy Bear Drive to Spread Love of Mother

Toiletries and Teddy Bear Drive @ Westmead Children’s Hospital

Jan 26, 2014 I Toiletries & Teddy Bear Drive, NSW

To commemorate the birth of Christ Ahnsahnghong, members of the World Mission Society Church of God hosted a Toiletries and Teddy Bear Drive on Australia Day, 26th January, 2014. The donations were delivered to Westmead Children’s Hospital, to support family members and comfort their sick children.

When children have to remain in hospital for many days and weeks, their parents cannot help but stay nearby, sacrificing their own comfort to be with their children. Many times, they are without essential toiletries. The church members wanted to extend a warm hand to these families, both parents and children, in their time of need.

Touched by the Kind and Considerate Hearts of their Neighbours

On the day of the event, a tent was set up at North Ryde Common, where the Church of God members gathered. Local communities were touched by the kind and considerate hearts of their neighbours who were cheerfully bringing donations, teddy bears, and toiletries.

A handmade card was prepared by the Church members, for the participants to write warm and encouraging messages to comfort children and parents at the hospital.

A church volunteer was touched while preparing the event and said, “When a child is so sick and has to be hospitalised, the suffering extends to their parents. Especially mothers want to always be with their sick children to look after them despite all the inconveniences. While preparing this event, I came to think about parents’ devotional love and sacrifice for their children. I hope the toiletries and cute teddy bears will bring joy and comfort to both parents and children.”

“I’m Grateful to Have the Church Willingly Helping the Community with Love of Mother” – Bill Pickering

The Church of God representatives delivered donations with a total value of $3,705, including toiletries and teddy bears, to the Westmead Children’s Hospital, being accompanied by Councillor Bill Pickering, Mayor of Ryde. He said “I’ve attended on the day of the event and saw that all volunteers had smiles on their faces throughout. I’m grateful to have the Church willingly helping the community in our city with love of Mother.”

the Event was finished but touching heart is not yet finished
the Event was finished but touching heart is not yet finished

“This Donation Touch the Hearts of Many Parents and Children” – Jill Jenkins

Jill Jenkins, Volunteer Department manager from the hospital, expressed gratitude, saying, “This donation will certainly touch the hearts of many parents and children in our hospital.”

The parents were happy with the kind act of love that came from the Church of God volunteers, and the cute teddy bears brought smiles to the unwell children.

This was the first toiletries drive held by the Church to spread the love of Heavenly Mother.

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  1. I think that many people could feel the warm love of mother through this event. WMSCOG volunteer members animo!

  2. This event is really moving. It seems to have filled their empty minds with the sincerity of the family who gave their heavenly mother ‘s love, not the grapevine. Thank you the heavenly Father and Mother.

  3. So good to see our members loving their neighbors just as Mother’s teaching. Hope all the people recieve great blessings from Mother.

  4. The members of the Church of God never miss what their communities need to make a better life and take the lead to help their communities with the love of Mother.

  5. I believe that WMSCOG is able to change whole world under grace of Heavenly Mother, by carrying out such wonderful work of God!

  6. I feel warm heart, too. WMSCOG are sharing the Love of God the Mother to their neighbors. It makes all the people happy.

  7. This event is so touching and makes my heart warm. Every volunteer work that has been done by WMSCOG makes the neighbors in need happy and delightful. This kind of events are to be continued following Mother’s teachings.

  8. Wow. That’s very meaningful and joyful event. The World mission society Church of God make the people happy. God bless you.

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