On Sunday 6th August, 2017, around 71 volunteers of the World Mission Society Church of God gathered at Westmeadows Reserve for a tree planting.

Melissa Doherty, the Urban Biodiversity officer for Hume City Council, prepared extensively for the event. She had also been digging many holes in the ground from very early in the morning.

Planting with love

The event started with Melissa welcoming all the Church of God volunteers and giving a planting demonstration. She showed the volunteers how to plant and take care of the seedlings with love. She instructed them on how to put tree guards in place, so the seedlings could grow nicely.

Following her example, volunteers spread out across the reserve, planting 702 different plants including wild flowers, shrubs and trees. They worked in unity in the cold winter weather, helping each other. Within an hour all the seedlings were planted.

Melissa Doherty said, “Thank you so much for your group’s wonderful help. It’s lovely to have so many people come along on such a wintery day and do such a great job getting all those seedlings in the ground so quickly with such care.”

Planting trees with love to shine God’s glory

Yumika, who is 12 years old, enjoyed the day, planting seedlings with the other children. She said, “It was fun today because we learnt how to plant trees and shine God’s glory at the same time.”

Carolina is one of the WMSCOG volunteers. She attended the event with her daughter, Destiny. She said “I want to set a good example for my daughter, by taking care of the environment. I also enjoy having time to appreciate God’s amazing creation work. Everything is a copy and shadow.”

Lanny planted trees with love, saying, “Tree planting itself is a meaningful event, and we are helping the environment. Last year our volunteers planted around 400 trees and this time 702. We can see it’s doubling yearly in size. I hope next year we can target 1500 trees. Hopefully, by our little deeds, more people can learn to love trees and our environment in Melbourne.

Spreading the love of God the Mother

Upon completion of the tree planting, the volunteers shared some delicious snacks together. The World Mission Society Church of God plants trees not only on National Tree Planting Day, but also throughout the planting season, spreading the love of God the Mother throughout world.

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