Sabbath Family Event World Mission Society Church of God Sydney, NSW

Introduce World Mission Society Church of God Sydney

On 10th September, members of the World Mission Society Church of God Sydney held a “Sabbath Family Event” to show gratitude toward their parents for their sacrifice and to share the love of Mother with their family and friends. 

The event started at 5.30pm on the Sabbath day with a short video, introducing the Queen’s Golden Jubilee Award that the Church of God recently received. The guests were amazed at such a prestigious award, praising the church members for their hard work in helping society.

Fantastic Music Play

A variety of entertaining performances followed. Starting with a chamber ensemble performance by youth and student members. The chamber ensemble was established only a few months prior to the concert. The members practiced hard, and despite all the difficulties of learning a new instrument, they played a New Song in harmony, touching the hearts of the listeners.

The event continued with family performances, female a cappella, and a children’s dance. In between the performances were touching video clips which showed a father’s sacrifice and a mother’s love. The guests and members were moved to tears, thinking of their parents’ sacrifice and love, saying that they need to appreciate their parents more and express more love toward their families.

During people’s lives, the difficulties that their parents go through to raise their children are often overlooked. Children sometimes cannot fathom how deep and unconditional their parents’ love is. However, through these short videos, the audience had time to reflect and to be grateful for the unseen or not understood things that their parents did for them.

Happy Moment for Family and Friends

A family member invited to the event said “Thank you so much for inviting me. The church members are so bright and kind! This event definitely brings unity to our family. I want to come back again.”

A guest from Melbourne said after watching the event, “It was a great event! I was especially touched by the video clips. We live our lives, taking for granted many things that our parents do for us. I learnt that a parent’s love is so deep and strong towards their children and the importance of the act of giving to create true happiness. I am glad I came today. I also really enjoyed the other performances such as the singing and the orchestra items. This church has been blessed with many talents to reveal the glory of God the Mother.”

Members of the Church of God appreciate their family and friends even more for coming to the event, and will continue to share the love of Mother with them.

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  1. Practising God’s love through performing good deeds on Sabbath day, showed a good example to keep Sabbath holy by following Jesus’s teaching. Truly, they are the children of the Lord of the Sabbath.

  2. Oh wow…Learning to play an instrument is inspiring! As youth & students bring smiles not only to the audience but also to their parents so too I feel you all bought a smile to Father & Mother’s faces!

  3. It is good event for the family who hasn’t heard God the Mother to see glory of God Elohim through the family event.
    Hope there are many events to invite them and can feel God’s love through the performances.
    Good job!

    • Just seeing the pictures makes me smile. Their effort is great to share the love in family not only physically but also spiritually according to the teachings of Mother.

  4. It is good event for the family who hasn’t heard God the Mother to see glory of God Elohim through the family event.
    Hope there are many events to invite them and can feel God’s love through the performances.
    Good job!

  5. Great!! World Mission Society Church of God sets a high price on family!! How beautiful it is!! I think we can feel joy and love in Elohim God, God the Father and God the Mother, perfect family.

  6. Wow, really amazing. This event looked really interesting and the members of the church certainly put in their best to share the love of Mother. Wished that I had been there… 수고하셨습니다! 복 많이 받으세요! ^^

  7. Wow, it is amazing that students practice hard for this event! Even I can feel unity in this article. I really want to see it next time.

  8. All glory and worship to our Precious Heavenly Parent for blessing Sydney Zion with much talents to reveal Their amazing love and glory for the salvation of all mankind. LETS GO TO HEAVEN??????????? Good job precious heavenly family?????

  9. Wow… This is really such a touching event! Cute little children playing for parents & choirs!
    World Mission Society Church of God Sydney truly brings family closer together, especially in these days where love among family members is growing colder.
    Great job Church of God!!!

  10. Beautiful brother’s n sister’s ? Beautiful church of God ❤ let’s shine the love of Father and Mother! Well done ???.

  11. Eternal thanks to Elohim God for allowing Oceania page it has been a really good tool preaching to family members families who was against the truth good job Elohist Awake Ocean 2017 and Happy Spiritual family living in unity Animo good job keep up the good works ??

  12. Beautiful little angels! It looks very good that families gather to Zion and share the love of God through various activities. Thanks to Father and Mother 🙂

  13. It is so touching event!! We, the children of God, also cannot fathom how deep and unconditional our spiritual parents’ love is… Feel sure that the invited were so moved through the video clips and various performances, that should be unforgettable experience for them. 😀

  14. Truly All Thanks and Praises be always to Heavenly Father and Mother for their beautiful and wonderful works given to brother’s and sister’s in Sydney Zion. Beautiful deeds to glorify Alimoghty Elohim God.
    Good job ? ?

  15. Those who were invited might be comforted. When I was invited to the WMSCOG, I felt the same thing from the bottom of my heart. It was so great!

  16. I’m so thankful to Elohim God who chose me to be a member of the WMSCOG. Truths of life and Heavenly Parents and so on. All thing in the WMSCOG are so great and make me happy!

  17. Today Sabbath, a new heavenly brother kept the Sabbath in Zion. After worship, he smiled a bright smile giving thanks to Heavenly Parents!

    • Everything that comes from Elohim God is the same. Elohim God’s love is the source of it. Members of the WMSCOG are carrying out their mission to please Elohim God.

    • Surely, great! So many organizations in the world. However, becoming a member of the WMSCOG is superlative than anything else. In the WMSCOG,

  18. Today Sabbath, I hope to be filled with Elohim God’s love! Then, there’ll be always hope and smiles and unity! Thanks to Elohim God to bless me so much!

  19. Members of the WMSCOG want to show that they are truly loving the Spirit and the Bride with all their hearts. I also want to do so in my situation!

      • Thanks to Father and Mother for this event, Happy Sabbath with families and friends.. It was good to see many families and friends sharing joy together while they watching beautiful performance, Truly the WMSCOG is the place to practice the true meaning of family values…ayeee…Good job to all the performance who participated on that day, and many wonderful guests..Well done Gbu all

  20. Even today, right now, people are rushing into Zion because of Elohim God’s glory. It’s very cold outside Zion while very warm in Zion where Elohim God dwells.

    • It’s the fulfillment of the prophecies of the Bible. It won’t be long before the day comes when Elohim God’s gospel work will be finished!

  21. God, who is love, has forgiven all the sins and gave another chance to be saved. Thanks to father and mother for allowing me to be in Zion with brothers and sisters.

    • It’s Elohim God’s graces!
      Within Them, we can be on our way to eternal heavenly home, being protected from evil ones. Elohim God’s love will help us to finish our journey with happiness.

  22. We can feel true love and care only in Zion, dwelling place of Elohim God Heavenly Father and Mother.
    Please, come to Zion !!!
    WE LOVE YOU! !!❤❤❤

  23. The wisdom of eternal salvation is to be found only in the World Mission Society Church of God established by Christ Ahnsahnghong!

  24. Now is the time to prepare ourselves for eternal world. We can make preparations for the kingdom of heaven in the WMSCOG!

  25. Such an honor to be a part of this amazing group of people by the grace of Elohim God. No where on this earth can we feel love to the full except in the arms of Our Heavenly parents Father Ahnsahnghongim and Mother New Jerusalem in Zion. All thanks to God Elohim!!!♡♡♡♡

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